Thursday, January 12, 2012

Find Your Passion... Where to Start

Do you know your purpose in life?  Your passion for living?  If you're searching for your passion now and haven't found it yet, what makes you think continuing your search in the same way will magically bring your passion to you?  As we pointed out yesterday, if you want a new passion, then you need to create a new experience.

What You Like vs. What You Know
Once you've accepted that you need to put yourself in new situations to discover your passion, how do you decide where to start?  Most people will tell you to start with what you know.  I disagree.

If everyone only did what they already knew, then we would never learn new skills, change careers or try anything different.  Let's say that you work as a sales rep in th pharmaceutical industry.  If you can't find your passion right now, then what makes you think that sticking with what you know (pharmaceutical sales) is going to help you find your passion?

Of course, there's nothing wrong with utilizing your current skill set.  There's no reason to waste the talent you already have.  But don't choose a new path simply because you can do it.

Your choices should be based on what you like and not what you know.  What you like is different than what you're passionate about.  Likes may turn into passions eventually, but they are simply interests right now.  Everyone has an interest in something.

Maybe the pharmaceutical sales rep likes movies.  What if he started looking for jobs in sales and marketing for a media company?  Or a cinema company?  Or a theater company?  He could still use what he knows (sales and marketing)... but he's basing the decision on what he likes.

To Find Your Passion, Set Goals
Eventually, the new experiences that you have will help you with the next step: finding a goal to work toward.  Reaching for a goal is a powerful thing because it will take you to places you could never envision beforehand.

The value in having a goal and pursuing new experiences is as much the journey it leads us on as the experiences we have, the lessons we learn, the doors it opens as it is the accomplishment of reaching it.  You  cannot predict where a journey will lead and what passions it will reveal.  You can only start the journey and let the passions evolve naturally. 

The pursuit, or the journey, will bring your passion to you.  That's the secret to finding your passion.

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