Thursday, January 26, 2012

Corporate Celebrations!!

Celebrating a business anniversary is a great opportunity to increase sales, strengthen relations with clients and enhance the corporate brand.  Today and tomorrow we will be revealing tips for corporate celebrations.

1. Determine your goals.  What do you want to get out of the celebration?  Are you trying to remind customers that you're resilient enought to be strong through economic good times and bad?  Is it an opportunity to showcase new and coming projects?  Determine what you want to achieve from your celebration.

2. Determine your audiences.  Once you know your goals, determine audiences and the best mechanisms to reach these audiences.  For example, one audience should be your employees.  Are you going to have a fun employee outing or party?  Maybe a special gift?  What about past customers?  Will you host a special reception just for them?  You should always do something to communicate important messages to appropriate audiences.

3. Prepare to showcase your past.  There will be a focus on your company's history, so you should do something to showcase your past.  And tell the story from your perspective, whether it's through an article, a book or a visual timeline.

4. Start the planning early.  Company anniversaries can be elaborate occasions, and can include multiple activities and events.  It's important to start as early as possible, indentify a planning committee and set deadlines for tasks.

5. Celebrate by celebrating your community.  Anniversaries are a great time to share with your community.  Depending on the size of your organization, you can support a local school or a national cause.  Build a house, host a kids' science fair or other type of educational contest, clean a local park or donate to national environmental organizations.  Use this as an opportunity to give back to the communities you and your employees support.

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